Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Little Makeover in the Fifth Wheel

We sold the green/brown recliners that came in the fifth wheel last year and went on a hunt for new chairs.  We put a couple office chairs in for a temporary fix and just waited till we found what we wanted.

The hubby found a Lazy-boy powered recliner that he liked but wasn't thrilled with the price so we were off on the hunt for a better deal.  Spent yesterday in Northwest Arkansas and happened to stop in Sam's Furniture.  We liked some Lane Euro recliners that they had last year but they were getting out of them and getting into the Stressless chairs that are gorgeous but oh so expensive.  They did had a Best brand recliner that might work but thought we would go on over to the Lazy Boy store.  On the way out I just happened to take a path through that brought me to a gorgeous Stressless chair that I had to look at just for the heck of it.  Price tag $3,800!!!! OMG.  

But, as I turned to tell hubby about it I spied a Lane Euro recliner that had a fantastic price tag on it.  Half what they are normally and to top it off they only had two left in stock.  Well, they don't have those chairs anymore 'cause they are now in our fifth wheel and I just love them.  The rich mahogany color is beautiful and I love the look in our trailer.

Now, we just need to take them out for a test drive but that may be a little while before we can do that.  

Safe Travels
The Arkansas Travelers

Monday, September 2, 2013

A few days vacation and I got a lot done!

Well, I finally took a few days vacation and worked like a crazy woman cleaning out closets and cabinets and drawers.  We hauled a truck load off a couple weeks ago and then another truck load off yesterday to Savers and now I have another truck load ready to go and will have another one soon.

When I get on a roll I am like a crazy woman and now I am on a mission to get things cleaned out.  My linen closet has five shelves and right now only one has any linens on it (cha-ching)!  My closet is so organized and I got rid of a ton of purses.  I must be a purse hoarder.  Also, shoes! OMG, shoes that haven't been worn in years.  In the kitchen, glasses were the hoard.  We get a lot of glassware given away at work and I have been really good at bringing them home...LOL.  I have gotten wise to my hoarding tendencies and the last five or six times that they given away glassware I just said NO! Ha Ha Ha...I will conquer this yet.

I am saving one bedroom to clean out till the very last one!  OMG, it is my office/study/TV room///...and the walk-in closet in that room has doubled for storage.  So, if I leave it till last then I know that I have made a huge step forward when I have it cleaned out.

I will try to do more next weekend to finish the kitchen as it still has a few cabinets to go through and then will tackle the last room. So ready to feel like I have weeded out the bulk of things and will only have some of the things that we need for the work routine to get rid of later.  All the stuff that I have gotten rid of just takes the burden off and helps me to realize that those "possessions" I thought I needed to have are not anything but burdens to take care of and I am ready to get rid of the burden and welcome the freedom of the future.

I still need to get some of my Dublin pictures posted but with the few days of vacation I had to make hay while the sun was shining.

This was just a quick post to let you know that I am after IT and now off to get some rest before I have to go back to work tomorrow.  Good thing about these few days off was the satisfaction of getting so much clutter gone.

Later and safe travels everyone!
The Arkansas Travelers

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ahhh! The Emerald Isle

That's right Ireland!  I was so fortunate to have get to attend our company conference in Dublin, Ireland.  

The past month has been a whirlwind getting ready for a week in Dublin.  I flew out Saturday morning, August 3rd to arrive Sunday morning August 4th.  The redeye was a bit rough on this old woman I am here to tell you.  There was 10 in our group,  about 45 from our facility, with a total of almost 600 from the rest of the company.  It was awesome.  

After we landed Sunday we spent 3 1/2 hours in line to clear Irish Customs.  OMG, that was a long wait.  Then, we caught a bus to the City Centre and walked down Grafton Street to our hotels.  Dropped off our suitcases (our rooms wouldn't be ready until late afternoon) and started walking.  Dublin City Centre is so friendly and easy to get around.  

Molly Malone statue with a leprechaun for good measure.
After a couple hours walking around we went into a small pub for lunch.  We ordered fish and chips.  OMG, it was so good.  Walked around a little more and then stopped for some gelato (again yum!!!).

Stop at a pub for fish and chips.

Monday morning was more free time and a whole lot more walking.  I must admit that I fell in love with Dublin.

The conference kicked off Monday evening in an old warehouse that was staged to be an old Jameson Irish Whiskey warehouse.  The tables were picnic style with wooden blocks that they placed wooden trays of food on to serve fried scallops, BBQ ribs, sausage, sliced beef, and corn-on-the cob.  There was an Irish drum band and then an Irish band.  I loved the drummers and the Irish music was awesome.  Then, the rock band started and my ears have yet to recover.

Museum of Modern Art
Tuesday started the conference and went through Thursday.  Tuesday night dinner was in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham that is now the Museum of Modern Art.  It was an awesome evening but the meal lacked a bit.  The main course was lamb and I discovered that I am not fond of lamb.     

The grounds were spectacular.  

Even had a couple Rolls Royce cars for a bit of class!!!

Wednesday evening was at  another empty building that was staged.  That night we lucked out as they served hamburgers.  Awesome!  I really needed just regular food after the night before.
Thursday night was Dylan Fest at the Academy.  This was a tribute to Bob Dylan by a lot of bands.  It was okay but not my thing.

Each night the buses didn't start running until 11:30 until 2:30 am. I am here to tell you 11:30 was too late for me but I made it.

Friday was our flight home and in order to make sure that I didn't miss my flight I was up at 4:00 am to catch a 5:30 bus to the airport.  From Dublin was an hour flight to London Heathrow Airport for a 2 hour layover and then a 9 1/2 hour flight to Dallas, where we would have to clear US Customs.  And the challenge was we would land at 5:30 and have to catch a 6:35 flight for a little over an hour to get through customs, pickup our luggage, recheck our luggage, clear security again, and then make our flight.  

You guessed it we missed our connection.  But, we got booked on the next flight leaving at 8:55 pm.  Well, storms rolled in and delayed take off.  With the storms in the area the plane flew to Texarkana then up to Fort Smith.  We hit the runway at 10:10 pm for a grand total of me being up for 24 hours (Ireland is 6 hours ahead of us here in central time zone).  I was so tired by the time I got home.

Saturday was a real challenge as I was exhausted.  It seriously felt like I had had a couple drinks and was just starting to get a buzz....the kind of felling where your eyes don't feel like they are working in unison but sort of going in different directions.  

But, I survived and got to spend the better part of a week in Dublin, Ireland.  Whooo hooo!!!!

Okay, back to the real world.

I will go through the over 250 photos that I have and select some to post a little later.

Travel safe everyone!
The Arkansas Travelers

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fort Smith, Arkansas

Greetings everyone,

First a big welcome to our new follower Michelle over at LuxeLandYacht.  I love their Airstream.  They did an absolutely fabulous job on the remodel of their Airstream.  Check out their blog and the link "Our Airstream" to see the story of the remodel.  

A friend posted this link on her facebook page.  I hope the link works as it is an excellent video about Fort Smith, Arkansas and some of the wonderful things to see in the area.


Hubby and I actually went to downtown Fort Smith last weekend and walked around Judge Parkers Courthouse and the surrounding grounds.
Front of the courthouse.

The back of the Courthouse.

The commissary

Flag on a 100' mast flying in front of the courthouse.

The officers garden

I loved standing under this huge flag as it waved in the wind.

Some of the surrounding grounds.  And the grounds are beautiful here.

Prisoner wagon

Closer view of the prisoner wagon
A few more pictures of some of the grounds.

If you are ever close to the Fort Smith area please try to stop by and see some of the sights.  Soon the US Marshall's Museum will be built in Fort Smith to add more to the history of the area.

Safe Travels
The Arkansas Travelers

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Old Coca-Cola Sign

On a drive through Rogers, Arkansas one day we passed this lady painting a Coca-Cola sign on the side of a building.  I didn't know that anyone still did this type of painting.  But, isn't it gorgeous work.  I love the color of the building, too.

Isn't this beautiful work?  Just thought you might like to see a bit of Americana being applied to one of the old buildings in downtown Rogers, Arkansas.

Safe travels everyone.

The Arkansas Travelers

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