Daisy the Grand-dog

Daisy is our six year old grand-dog.  Our dear, sweet daughter brought the little bundle home when Daisy was eight weeks old.  Later, when she decided to move out on her own of course she could not take a dog.  So, we were now the grand-parents with custody of our grand-dog.

Such a sweet little face.
Until recently we had three dogs.  Between October 2010 and September 2011 we lost two of our dear pets. 

Daisy, Little Man, and Honey looking out the front window.

"Honey" was a lab mix that I found on the railroad tracks behind our house about 10 years ago.  Literally, she was sitting in the middle of the railroad tracks just looking up at the house while my neighbor and I were in the backyard talking.  

Then, we lost "Little Man" a Shetland sheepdog that we had also rescued about 12 years ago.  A dear friend of ours father had been given this Sheltie and he was not able to take care of him properly.  So, our friend called us one day to see if we wanted him.  And, of course I said yes.  Sheltie's are one of my favorite dogs.  When Little Man came to live with us we had lost our Sheltie, Misty, just three months before we got Little Man.
Now, our dear sweet Daisy is just a spoiled little girl that has totally captured our hearts.  We had never imagined having an English bulldog.  We had no idea what type of personality an English bulldog has, and truthfully, we didn't think they had much of a personality.  Boy were we surprised.  They are so unique. 

 Look at that face!

She can figure out a way to get you to do exactly what she wants and you don't know it until she has already had her way. 

It will be a real challenge when we hit the road with Daisy but without that challenge it might be a little dull.  


  1. Hahaha!! I had to laugh over your comment on bullies. They are CLOWNS!! They are so much fun to be around. Thanks for introducing her & the rest of the bow wow family. :-)
    I'm sorry for the losses though...it's never easy.

  2. TexCyn, I know you are around a lot of dogs and can appreciate the oddities of bullies. Daisy is such a fun little girl. Who couldn't love that little smashed in face and teeth sticking out.

    They do have a long list of health issues though. We even had to have her tail amputated last year. But, that is a whole 'nother story!!

    Thanks for stopping by...

  3. Love your furbabies! It's always devastating to lose them but 2 of them within a one year span is really tough. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad you have Daisy and that she enjoys the road. Happy trails!

    1. Thanks. Yes, Miss Daisy is our baby girl and we have so much fun with her along on our trips.


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