Bucket List

This page will be a work in progress as I discover things I want to do or see when we go full time:

Here is a start...they are all pretty well standard places but the list will start to grow and morph as we start "looking to the future..."

Grand Canyon
Mount Rushmore
Quartzsite - Q
Painted Desert
Taos, NM
White Sands National Monument, NM  Zion National
Saguaro National Park
Antelope Canyon, Arizona


  1. I have been looking for your site for a long time and wanting to say Thank you for following our post. Even though I had visited your site I didn't connect the long form to the abreviated sign on.

    You will also find as you scatch some off your list you will be hearing of adding others. The best way is taking your time traveling an area so you will see more then you ever dreamed of. In your travels between Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone Park you might want to do Devil's Tower, Little Bighorn battle ground as well near Mt Rushmore try the Crazy Horse Monument. These are only a few and by seeing an area before moving on will minimize the cost of fuel and increase your enjoyment.

    Well be hearing from you soon.

    It's about time.

  2. Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement. I am so anxious to get around to traveling but that will have to wait for a little while. Life in the workforce still has its ironclad grip on my life.

    For now I will just travel virtually through other peoples blogs. Keep posting about your travels so the rest of us can find new places to add to our bucket list.



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My DH and I are looking toward the future when we are able to retire and RV full time. This blog is to track the progress toward that goal and to track things, such as our "Bucket List's," so that we don't forget any of them.