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Greetings everyone,

My DH and I are looking toward the future when we are able to retire and RV full time. This blog is to track the progress toward that goal and to track different things, such as our "Bucket List's," so that we don't forget any of them. I created this blog as my way of tracking our progress towards our goal of full-time RV'ing.

In 2010, we began to talk about the possibility of traveling around the country when we retire.  In my true fashion I went to the Internet to research the possibility and how to accomplish our goals.  I started to find different blogs of full-timers.  It was a challenge to remember all the sites so I started my own blog and began to add blog links as I found them, to my blog list.  At first I kept my blog private but then recently, as my sister and I started discussing some of the blogs, I opened it up to the public.  My sister and I both have hopes to one day hit the open road with our fifth wheels and husbands in tow.

We found our truck, a 2008 Dodge 3500 DRW, Quad Cab, with a turbo charged Cummins 6.9L that had 9,300 miles on it in July 2010.  Okay, tow vehicle - check. 

Then, the hunt was on for a fifth wheel.  As you can tell I really hate to buy new when you can find something slightly used that someone else has taken the initial financial hit on so now the hunt was on for a fifth wheel.  Well, we found the fifth wheel in September of 2011.  It is a 2006 Montana Mountaineer that was hardly used and very well maintained (plus we negotiated a four year extended warranty/roadside assistance just in case there was any little hidden issues that popped up).  Fifth wheel - check.

Our challenge now is finding time to get the fifth wheel out of the storage lot and on the road for short trips while we are working our way to retirement.  My DH and I both work.  My job is generally 10-11 hour days M-F and DH generally works 8+ hours six days a week.  Not much time, nor energy, left over at the end of our week for taking the fiver out.  But, occasionally we will be able to get her out and when we do I will post our adventure here on our blog.

The last part of our story is Miss Daisy.  Well, she had to have her own page so check out Daisy - the Grand-dog's page.


Looking to the future
The Arkansas Travelers


  1. Keep up the good work. Once you are free of the sticks and bricks you will feel sooooo much better.

    It's about time.

  2. Rick and Kathy,
    Thanks so much for the positive encouragement. We are definitely looking to the future when we can full time in our little home on wheels.

  3. You are on the right trek ,you pinpointed the target and you are going for it-good for you.
    Wish you luck and many happy trails.

    1. Thanks!!! One of these days it will happen. Guaranteed, just have to be patient a little while longer.

  4. Love the blog, but okay (grin) - have to ask... Shirley and Russell, right? So, "my DH?" You've got some splaining to do Lucy, er, I mean Shirley or Russell or DH. :)

    BTW, love the rig and truck. Sweet. Congratulations. And thanks for making the blog public.

    Side note: As I write this, am trying to unwind and relax in prep for an ISO audit tomorrow. I'm the ISO doc controller at my j.o.b. Wish us well!

    1. Debra,
      DH for Dear Hubby is just quick and easy to type.

      ISO audit, hmmm...yes, I wish you all the best. Audits are such fun...almost a much fun as a root canal. Which ISO standard(s) are you certified in? Internal or external audit? Who are you certified through?

    2. Hi Shirley,

      DH, very special - I love that!

      The audit was external, ISO 9001. I forgot to see who it's through, but we had NO NCO's. So happy, so proud. :)

    3. Debra,

      Awesome on the audit!!! We are ISO certified in four standards: ISO9001, ISO14001; OSHSA18001; and ISO22000. So, I completely understand the stress of an external audit. In fact, I am the Integrated Management System Representative for our facility. I have a surveillance audit in February for 9, 14, & 18K and then one in April for 22K. We have our certification through SGS.

      In fact, my recent trip to Atlanta was for ISO14001 Lead Auditor certification. But, enough ISO geek speak.

      So glad you stopped by my pitiful blog. As you can imagine most of my life revolves around work and all that ISO stuff so I really don't have a great deal to blog about unless I am away from the office. When we do get to get out our fifth wheel or I have a trip like last week then I blog about it. Or, occasionally if something exciting actually happens.

      Again, thanks for stopping by and hope to converse with you often in the future in blogland.

  5. I just joined your blog and hope you will also join ours...good-times-rollin.blogspot.com

    I noticed on my stats page that you had visited our site...Thank you! Joe and I are living in our MH with our pups and having a great time. Together we worked 79 years and took care of his mom for the last 15 years of her life...3 of those years we were retired...as she lived in our home. Keep your dreams and goals...hope you will be traveling soon.

  6. Hi Gay and Joe. We are still in the workforce and hope to one day retire and hit the open road. Taking care of a parent is a challenge, we know from experience. Enjoy your travels and stay safe. I will keep up with your blog to stay up to date on your travels.

  7. Time will pass quickly. For us - the excitement and the mindset and getting ready to full time was/is all part of the experience. Full timing for us has been great. It sounds like you all are going to enjoy it too! We will see you out there soon!

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement they are greatly appreciated! I agree the time will pass very quick and be here before we are ready but we will still go! Ready or not...as for now I live vicariously through the travel blogs of others so keep posting. I love seeing where other people travel and all the interesting side trips they take and siteseeing they do.

      Safe travels!


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My DH and I are looking toward the future when we are able to retire and RV full time. This blog is to track the progress toward that goal and to track things, such as our "Bucket List's," so that we don't forget any of them.