Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Little Makeover in the Fifth Wheel

We sold the green/brown recliners that came in the fifth wheel last year and went on a hunt for new chairs.  We put a couple office chairs in for a temporary fix and just waited till we found what we wanted.

The hubby found a Lazy-boy powered recliner that he liked but wasn't thrilled with the price so we were off on the hunt for a better deal.  Spent yesterday in Northwest Arkansas and happened to stop in Sam's Furniture.  We liked some Lane Euro recliners that they had last year but they were getting out of them and getting into the Stressless chairs that are gorgeous but oh so expensive.  They did had a Best brand recliner that might work but thought we would go on over to the Lazy Boy store.  On the way out I just happened to take a path through that brought me to a gorgeous Stressless chair that I had to look at just for the heck of it.  Price tag $3,800!!!! OMG.  

But, as I turned to tell hubby about it I spied a Lane Euro recliner that had a fantastic price tag on it.  Half what they are normally and to top it off they only had two left in stock.  Well, they don't have those chairs anymore 'cause they are now in our fifth wheel and I just love them.  The rich mahogany color is beautiful and I love the look in our trailer.

Now, we just need to take them out for a test drive but that may be a little while before we can do that.  

Safe Travels
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  1. Great looking chairs! We have similar ones in our MH, but I think I like yours better. Enjoying your blog.

    1. Mike, thanks for your comment on our little remodel project. I think we will really like the chairs. Now we just have to get a trip planned to test drive them. Glad you enjoy our little blog. Hopefully we will be able to hit the road sometime in the near future as full timers. We will get there just not quite sure of the date. But, the wait and anticipation just may drive me a little further off center than I am already. Lol!!!

      Safe travels!!!

  2. Good looking chairs. We're looking for a new leather sofa....no luck so far, but now that we're in Phoenix for a few months we may have more options.

    1. Thanks! Yes, one of our next "remodels" will be a leather loveseat that reclines. I have to share with Daisy the grand-dog. That is also why I had to buy a double zero-gravity chair for sitting outside. She loves it and I kind of like it myself. Safe travels!

  3. How nice to find your comment on my blog this morning. Good luck in preparing to fulltime. We've been on the road since Feb 2010. Still loving the life!

    Years ago we bought 14 acres in Flippen, Arkansas. Up a gravel road. Thought we would relocate there in retirement. But after a couple years when we checked out the property, others had moved beat-up house trailers nearby with run down properties. Also, our land was becoming the local place to dump trash. Sold it.

    As far as chairs, we had a 2009 Montana with the usual recliners that came with the unit. Had to pull them 18 inches from wall to recline. We had moved them to the side wall and placed to sofa under the back window. Bought wall hugger recliners. They sit 3 inches from the wall and recliner just find.

    In August we traded the Montana on a 2014 Cedar Creek. Had leather sofa and recliners. After having the unit a week we called dealer and told them we wanted to trade chairs. So our trade in has new leather recliners and we have our old ones back. Didn't like the leather and they, too, had to be moved at least a foot from the wall to recline.

    Of yea, Soda Sams is still open. Had lunch there Wednesday. Two years ago when we volunteered here it was in the Spring. He opened the weekend we arrived.

    Again, thanks for stopping by and best of luck with your Mountaineer and plans to head on down the road.

    1. Yes having to move those heavy awkward uncomfortable chairs was the exact reason we replaced them. One of these days we will get out on the road and try the new ones out.

  4. OK, so did ya'll just slip into those chairs & sleep the holiday season away?? Where are you? Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!

    1. Hi Cyn,
      How have you been? OMG we haven't even had a chance to get to try out the chairs. Work and trying to get everything ready for the holidays has kept us so busy. I sure do hope we can get the rig out of storage soon even if it is for a short outting.
      Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!!

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