Monday, September 2, 2013

A few days vacation and I got a lot done!

Well, I finally took a few days vacation and worked like a crazy woman cleaning out closets and cabinets and drawers.  We hauled a truck load off a couple weeks ago and then another truck load off yesterday to Savers and now I have another truck load ready to go and will have another one soon.

When I get on a roll I am like a crazy woman and now I am on a mission to get things cleaned out.  My linen closet has five shelves and right now only one has any linens on it (cha-ching)!  My closet is so organized and I got rid of a ton of purses.  I must be a purse hoarder.  Also, shoes! OMG, shoes that haven't been worn in years.  In the kitchen, glasses were the hoard.  We get a lot of glassware given away at work and I have been really good at bringing them home...LOL.  I have gotten wise to my hoarding tendencies and the last five or six times that they given away glassware I just said NO! Ha Ha Ha...I will conquer this yet.

I am saving one bedroom to clean out till the very last one!  OMG, it is my office/study/TV room///...and the walk-in closet in that room has doubled for storage.  So, if I leave it till last then I know that I have made a huge step forward when I have it cleaned out.

I will try to do more next weekend to finish the kitchen as it still has a few cabinets to go through and then will tackle the last room. So ready to feel like I have weeded out the bulk of things and will only have some of the things that we need for the work routine to get rid of later.  All the stuff that I have gotten rid of just takes the burden off and helps me to realize that those "possessions" I thought I needed to have are not anything but burdens to take care of and I am ready to get rid of the burden and welcome the freedom of the future.

I still need to get some of my Dublin pictures posted but with the few days of vacation I had to make hay while the sun was shining.

This was just a quick post to let you know that I am after IT and now off to get some rest before I have to go back to work tomorrow.  Good thing about these few days off was the satisfaction of getting so much clutter gone.

Later and safe travels everyone!
The Arkansas Travelers


  1. It truly is liberating to get rid of all the STUFF that had its grip on your life. Kathy and I truely are enjoying the feeling of "Less is More" because as you have noticed the more you had the more you had to take care of and maintain thus taking away your freedom. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes! Very liberating to get rid of the burden of stuff. And, I won't even miss it. That is the sad part of having held on to it all this time.

  2. haaa... maybe it is a virus! but a feel good virus...begone clutter!

    1. Definitely a good virus and it feels so good to have accomplished getting rid of all the stuff I thought I just had too keep.

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