Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fort Smith, Arkansas

Greetings everyone,

First a big welcome to our new follower Michelle over at LuxeLandYacht.  I love their Airstream.  They did an absolutely fabulous job on the remodel of their Airstream.  Check out their blog and the link "Our Airstream" to see the story of the remodel.  

A friend posted this link on her facebook page.  I hope the link works as it is an excellent video about Fort Smith, Arkansas and some of the wonderful things to see in the area.

Hubby and I actually went to downtown Fort Smith last weekend and walked around Judge Parkers Courthouse and the surrounding grounds.
Front of the courthouse.

The back of the Courthouse.

The commissary

Flag on a 100' mast flying in front of the courthouse.

The officers garden

I loved standing under this huge flag as it waved in the wind.

Some of the surrounding grounds.  And the grounds are beautiful here.

Prisoner wagon

Closer view of the prisoner wagon
A few more pictures of some of the grounds.

If you are ever close to the Fort Smith area please try to stop by and see some of the sights.  Soon the US Marshall's Museum will be built in Fort Smith to add more to the history of the area.

Safe Travels
The Arkansas Travelers


  1. Nice photos, I especially like the way you captured the flag! It looks so majestic in that photo.

    1. Cyn, thanks! That flag is huge and the breeze was just right to slowly wave it in the breeze. The sounds of the slow roll and pop of the flag was absolutely awesome. Just gave me chill bumps to stand under it.

  2. Hi Shirley, I was checking where I was this time last year and saw a comment from you... I was in South Beach Campground in Kalaloch, Washington. wow.... I didn't answer comments back then because I had no electricity and was trying to preserve Homer's battery... so held my iPhone usage way down. such a gorgeous place...

    Decided I'd check you out! I haven't been to Ft. Smith in a while. I like it there as well as Van Buren. Lake Fort Smith was being renovated when I was there last. I stayed in the Motel 6.

    I guess you are closer to leaving? You have a big ol 5th wheel!

    Hi Cyn, a familiar face ;)

    1. oh, and have you drive up 167 to Jacksonville? The Gwatney Flag is just magnificent driving up the incline ... all you can see is the Flag.. just makes me swell each time I see it.

    2. Hi Carolyn! Glad you stopped by my little ol' blog. You really need to check out Lake Fort Smith now that it is finished. It is really nice.

      Yes, the Crackerbox Palace is a big honking thing. After spending time in it we could have went smaller but I don't like the floor plans of the smaller ones.

      I am not sure how close we are to "getting out of Dodge" but the time will all work out when it is right.

      I enjoyed following your adventure last year. Maybe shorter trips close to home will help to satisfy your gypsy spirit until you are able to go on a longer trip. Sometimes you just have to get away from things for awhile.


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